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PreSonus Eureka, Channel Strip

"PreSonus has a winner on their hands with Eureka. It’s a well-built, high-performing channel strip at an affordable price. At under $700 retail, Eureka stands out in the crowd. Its specs and feature list are cool — transformer-coupled input, flexible signal path, good processing capabilities, etc. — but its outstanding attribute is its open, detailed sound. It would make a great choice as a front-end for a DAW." - EQ Magazine

"You will not find as many features on a channel strip of this quality for this price anywhere else." - TapeOp Magazine

"Vocals tracked through the Eureka were stunning. The preamp stage is quite transparent, yet natural sounding. When using the Eureka to amplify other sources, the results were consistently impressive." - Stefan, Christian Musician Magazine

"Well, I guess it doesn't pay to judge a pre-amp by its cover/price. The sound was way above what I was expecting. This is really great for vocals, bass tracking or re-amping. The compressor is worth the price of the unit alone." - Sean, CA


The Eureka Pro Recording Channel


The Eureka is a professional recording channel strip containing a discrete class A transformer-coupled microphone preamplifier, compressor, and three-band parametric equalizer. The microphone preamplifier features variable input impedance so that the Eureka can be matched and "tuned" for all types of microphones and recording applications. The Class A transformer-coupled microphone preamplifier also features "SATURATE" which adjusts the drain current on the input FET amplifier to simulate of the effects of tape saturation and tube "warmth".
The Eureka's ultra fast compressor has both soft and hard knee compression as well as a separate make up gain stage and hi-pass side chain compression to deliver hard pumping to ultra transparent compression and everything in between. The Eureka's three-band fully parametric EQ gives you variable Q (bandwidth) on each band as well as an EQ pre COMP switch to put the EQ before the Compressor in the signal path. The equalizer has overlapping frequency selection on each band for total tonal control and shaping.

The Eureka is loaded with microphone, line and instrument input so you can use it as a front end preamplifier for recording with microphones, guitars, keyboards, synths as well as a compressor/equalizer on a single channel during mixdown. The Eureka also has balanced send and return jacks so that you can insert your favorite outboard processor before the compressor/EQ to further enhance and customize your sound.


Class A High Headroom Transformer Coupled Microphone Preamplifier

Variable Microphone Input Impedance

Variable SATURATE control (simulates tape saturation and tube warmth)

Fully Variable Compressor with Hi-pass Side Chain

Three Band Fully Parametric Equalizer

EQ Pre or Post Compressor

High Headroom Output Section

Very Low Noise Design

Internal Power Supply

Transparent, wide range performance



Channels One

Dynamic Range >115dB
Headroom +22dB
Frequency Response 10Hz to 50kHz
Internal Operating Level 0dBu = 0B


Microphone Preamp

Input Impedance, XLR Input 1.3k Ohms
Input Impedance, Line Level Input 10k Ohms
Connectors Neutrik™ Combo

Microphone Preamp

Gain +12dB to +52dB
Noise Floor -112dBu (+12dB gain)
EIN -127dB
THD + Noise (0% saturation) <0.005%
THD + Noise (full saturation) <0.5%
Microphone Input Connector XLR
Microphone Input Impedance (selectable) 2.5k, 1.5k, 600, 150, 50 Ohms
Instrument Input Connector 1/4" TS
Instrument Input Impedance 1 Meg Ohm
Send Connector 1/4" TRS balanced/unbalanced
Send Output Impedance 51 Ohms
Return Connector 1/4" TRS balanced/unbalanced
Return Input Impedance 10k Ohms
Metering (3-LED) -20dBu, 0dBu, Clip
Line Input (switchable) 1/4" TRS, 10k Ohm Input Impedance
Phantom Power (switchable) +48V (pin 1, pin 2 XLR)
Pad (switchable) 0dB/-20dB
Phase (switchable) 0, 180 degrees
Hi-pass filter (switchable) -3dB shelf at 80Hz



Threshold (variable) -40dBu to +20dBu
Ratio (variable) 1-10 (1:1 to 2:1)
Attack (variable) 0.1 to 200 ms
Release (variable) 0.05 ms to 3 S
Gain Make-up -20dB to +20 dB
Hi-pass Side Chain Filter (variable) 10Hz to 10kHz
Metering Analog VU (gain reduction / Output Level)



Low Band (+/-13dB) 20Hz to 300Hz
Mid Band (+/-13dB) 200Hz to 3kHz
High Band (+/-13dB) 2kHz to 20kHz
Q (variable all bands) Q=0.4 to 2 (3 octave to 2/3 octave)



Output Fader -70dB to +10dB
Output Connectors XLR balanced and 1/4" TRS balanced/unbalanced
Output Impedance 51 Oms
Metering (output level) Analog VU (-20dBu to +6dBu)
Meter (gain reduction) Analog VU (-20dB to 0dB)
Output Headroom +22dBu


Power Supply Internally Regulated Linear Type
Power Requirements (factory configured) 100VAC to 120VAC, 200VAC to 240VAC
Size 1U Rack
Dimensions 19" x 1.75" x 7"
Weight 8lbs.




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