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SKU: MXR M-108 , 10 Band Graphic EQ
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MXR M-108 , 10 Band Graphic EQ


Total control. That's really what guitarists want. And now you can have it with the MXR M-108 10-Band Graphic EQ. The M-108 provides extreme control over the ten most crucial frequencies for guitar. But that's not all. With separate input gain and output volume sliders, the M-108 also provides a ridiculous amount of level control. So you can not only dictate what your guitar sounds like but also where it sits in the mix. Make a fill or a solo jump to the forefront. Give a thin-sounding single-coil the girth to stand up to a high-output humbucker. Turn a vintage one-channel amp into a two-channel firebreather. Create scooped-mid death tones, midrange-heavy singing lead sounds, thunderous lows, crystalline highs—you name it and the M-108 will do it.




• 12dB of serious cut or boost
• Hardwire bypass
• Input Gain and Output Volume sliders
• Gain and Volume slider LEDs blink to indicate signal clipping
• Illuminated sliders for onstage carving
• Glow-in-the-dark graphics
• 18-volt operation for twice the headroom of most EQ pedals
• Indestructible, die-cast zinc housing




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