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Fulltone Catalyst, Compact Fuzz, Distortion, Booster, and Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

Fuzz pedals are generally simple circuits, and often-times these simple circuits end up being the most exciting, interactive, and musical sounding ones due, in part, to the absence of filters, restrictions...governors, if you will. They Scream, Roar, and allow us to express the more primal/less refined side of our personalities, which is what I love about them! But fuzzes can be very quirky. They can be picky about temperature, what power supply it will accept, what type of pickups you can feed it, what comes before them or even what comes after them in a signal chain, all causing frustration and the inability to get a consistent sound from night to night. It’s for these reasons fuzzes have become widely misunderstood and (often times) dismissed by guitarists who don’t have the time to learn ways around the quirks or just plain don’t have enough available real estate on their pedalboards to justify the space for (what can often be) temperamental “one-trick Ponies.” There seems to be two camps..those who get it and those who don’t, as a maker and player of fuzz pedals for over 20 years I have had years where there wasn’t even a fuzz pedal on my board due to these very same issues.. Now I am pleased to offer not only a great no-compromise fuzz, but also a great clean Boost, OD, and distortion! Enter Fulltone Catalyst.
Catalyst is a simple circuit, using only discrete F.E.T.’s to achieve its throaty roar, but it also brings something more to the table by virtue of some cool features which allow it to do things that no other fuzzes can. With its mini-toggle switch set to “SPARK” Catalyst does Clean Boosts, sweeter overdrives and all sorts of distortion sounds. Want more? Flip the switch to “FLAME” and you’ll be treated to a host of less civil OD’s, unique distortion voicings, and
a plethora of vicious Fuzz sounds, all of which clean up with a twist of your guitar’s volume knob, offering a linear transition from clean to mean. To further enhance your tonal control, Catalyst offers a pair of very effective low-loss tone controls that set it apart from the masses. Standard Fender or Marshall style tone stacks (and even many Baxandall tone circuits) end up cutting so much gain that the effect designer has to make-up for this “loss” later in the circuit, and many times you loose some of the magic in the process. Not so here because Catalyst’s low-loss Bass/Mids knob allows you to dial-out the flubby low-end with the added bonus of supplying varying amounts of rich midrange when the Bass/Mids knob passes the 3 o’clock mark. This Midrange, on top of an already wildly-distorted tone, has the effect of increasing sustain to insane proportions as well as breaking you out of the standard super bright/super bassy FUZZ mold. Need to smooth out the Highs? Simply turn down the Treble mini-knob, a low-loss hi-end roll-off allowing you to shave off as much of the treble as necessary....enough to use Catalyst into a fairly bright Fender clean amp and still retain a rich tone.


True Bypass switching via the best switch in the world...the Fulltone-made 3PDT footswitch
Volume Knob: This knob controls the overall volume when pedal is switched ON.
Gain Knob: turn this Clockwise (CW) for more distortion, keep it below 3 o‘clock for clean and crunch sounds...above 3 o’clock for fuzzier tones.

SPARK / FLAME toggle switch: Set to SPARK, Catalyst has a range from Clean-Boost to all out fuzz. But on this setting there is large amount of feedback routed back from
the second F.E.T to the first F.E.T (sort of like a Turbo Charger) causing more even-order harmonics to be produced. These tend to get sounds our ears hear as “sweeter.”

Set to FLAME, there is very little of this “feedback” coming back to the first F.E.T so the sounds become more rich in odd-order harmonics, which offers a whole ‘nuther palette
of darker colors for you to paint with. There is also much more overall Fuzz available in FLAME mode, you may hear more noise on higher settings, but that just comes with
the territory when you’re creating that much horsepower.
Bass/Mids Knob: this is a low-loss Bass control with the unique benefit of becoming a Mid Booster when the knob is set above 3 o’clock or so. Set this to suit your needs,
there are no rules!

Treble Knob: This tone knob only affects the high frequencies, you’ll find that 12 o’clock position is pretty much neutral for higher gained tones, while full CW is best for clean
boost settings or crunch sounds. I suggest you turn it CCW (counter clockwise) to below 12 o’clock or so for smoother high-gain lead sounds or turn it clockwise for more
brightness, considered the more traditional fuzztones sounds.

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