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Fulltone Octafuzz, Fuzz / Octave Pedal

The Fulltone Octafuzz gives you an exact copy of the venerable Tychobrahe Octavia in a brand-new unit! Whether you're chasing that elusive Hendrix tone, want to capture a little SRV magic, or want to create your own ringing, otherworldly vibe, the Octafuzz gives you an essential ingredient for a tasty sonic stew. This pedal provides the kind of unique effect range that transcends mere fuzz and octave-up sounds. Its heavy steel enclosure, gloss powdercoat finish, and antique-white logo give the Octafuzz a vintage look to go with its classic tone!


Octafuzz... the only exact circuit copy of the legendary Tycobrahe Octavia. Cool Octave-Up sounds ala Hendrix "Band of Gypsies" and SRV's many live shows! Housed in a 14ga. steel enclosure with a beautiful Ranar-blue gloss powdercoat finish and Antique-white logo, this pedal is the reincarnation of the Tycobrahe.

"Edgy, tweaked, and haunted by strange overtones, it's distortion occupies a galaxy far, far away from modern crunchola fuzz."
-- Guitar Player Mag

Almost synth-like with its ring-modulation and "steel-drum" vibe... you will turn heads.


Octafuzz devotees include:

Joe Satriani
Ian Moore
Stevie Salas
Scott Henderson
George Lynch
Jean-Paul Bourelly


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