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Fifty Classic Piano Rags

Selected by a noted music historian, this collection of the best piano rags recaptures the lively mood of the ragtime era. Fifty rags include melodies by such masters as Scott Joplin, James Scott, and Joseph Francis Lamb, and such pieces as "The Entertainer—A Rag Time Two Step," "Agitation Rag," "Possum and Taters," "Maple Leaf Rag," "Elite Syncopations," "The Cascades—A Rag," "The Chrysanthemum—An Afro-American Intermezzo," "Swipesy Cake Walk," "American Beauty," "Ragtime Nightingale," "Bohemia Rag," and many more. This book opens flat for easy use at the piano. Its noteheads are large and easy to read, and margins and spaces between staves provide ample room for notes, fingerings, and turnovers. Whether you are interested in studying ragtime as the first truly American school of music, or whether you just want to enjoy its dazzling, energized rhythms at your own piano, this affordable edition offers the very best of the genre. Dover Original.


Robert Hampton
Cataract Rag
Agitation Rag
Charles Hunter
Tickled to Death
Possum and Taters
Back to Life
Charles L. Johnson
Cum Bac Rag
"Blue Goose" Rag
Scott Joplin
Maple Leaf Rag
Original Rags
"The Easy Winners"---A Ragtime Two Step
A Breeze from Alabama---March and Two-Step
Elite Syncopations
The Entertainer---A Ragtime Two Step
Palm Leaf Rag
The Cascades---A Rag
The Crysanthemum---An Afro-American Intermezzo
"Pleasant Moments"---Ragtime Waltz
Reflection Rag---Syncopated Musings
Scott Joplin with Others
"Swipesy" Cake Walk (with Arthur Marshall)
Sun Flower Slow Drag---Rag Time Two Step (with Scott Hayden)
"Something Doing"---A Rag Time Two Step (with Scott Hayden)
Heliotrope Bouquet---A Slow Drag Two Step (with Louis Chauvin)
Joe Jordan
Nappy Lee---A Slow Drag
Joseph F. Lamb
Sensation---A Rag
Ethiopia Rag
American Beauty
Ragtime Nightingale
Reindeer---Rag Time Two Step
Bohemia Rag
Arthur Marshall
"Kinklets"---Two Step
The Peach---A Sentimental Rag
Artie Matthews
Pastime Rag No. 1---A Slow Drag
Pastime Rag No. 2---A Slow Drag
Pastime Rag No. 3---A Slow Drag
Pastime Rag No. 4---A Slow Drag
Pastime Rag No. 5---A Slow Drag
James Scott
Frog Legs Rag
Kansas City Rag
Great Scott Rag
Hilarity Rag
Evergreen Rag
New Era Rag
Troubadour Rag
Don't Jazz Me Rag---I'm Music
Charles Thompson
The Lily Rag
Tom Turpin
Harlem Rag---Two Step
The St. Louis Rag
Percy Wenrich
Ashy Africa---An African Rag
Clarence Woods
Slippery Elm Rag
Sleepy Hollow Rag---Unique Rag Novelty
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