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Anthology of 20th Century Piano Music

In the late-19th and 20th centuries, composers produced a wealth of innovative piano music, venturing in new directions and seeking new sounds. The music produced during those transitional years is considered "20th-century music." Works by 37 composers are included in this 208-page comprehensive survey of 20th-century piano music; they range in difficulty from intermediate through early-advanced levels and cover the widest range of styles and idioms from that genre. Dr. Hinson has provided historical and biographical background and performance notes.


A la Maničre de Borodin (In the Style of Borodin) - Valse: Maurice Ravel (composer)

Approach of the Thunder God: Arthur Farwell (composer)

The Augmented Triad: Wallingford Riegger (composer)

Bagatelle [Op. 6, No. 4; Sz. 38:4]: Béla Bartók (composer)

Bear Dance [Sz. 39: 10]: Béla Bartók (composer)

Brâul (Waistband Dance): Béla Bartók (composer)

Buciumeana (Dance of Butschum): Béla Bartók (composer)

Chorale: Carlisle Floyd (composer)

Clusters and Dots: Emma Lou Diemer (composer)

Columbine Dances - Waltz: Bohuslav Martinu (composer)

Dancing Demons: Vladimir Rebikov (composer)

Danse de la Poupée (The Doll's Dance) [L. 128]: Claude Debussy (composer)

Evening in the Country: Béla Bartók (composer)

15-Feb: André Previn (composer)

For Johnny Mehegan: Leonard Bernstein (composer)

Fourth Lyric Piece: Carlisle Floyd (composer)

Gently, Johnny, My Jingalo: Nelson Keyes (composer)

A Giddy Girl: Jacques Ibert (composer)

Gigue: Emma Lou Diemer (composer)

Homage to Marya Freund and to the Harp: Virgil Thomson (composer)

In Evening Air: Aaron Copland (composer)

Irish Tune from County Derry: Percy Grainger (composer)

Jamaican Rumba: Arthur Benjamin (composer)

Joc Cu Bâtâ (Stick Dance): Béla Bartók (composer)

Kaleidoscopes, Nos. 9 and 10: Benjamin Lees (composer)

La Piccadilly - Marche: Erik Satie (composer)

The Lake at Evening [Op. 5, No. 1]: Charles Griffes (composer)

Lento: Igor Stravinsky (composer)

Lento [Op. 35, No. 1]: Cyril Scott (composer)

The Little Spaniard [Op. 76, No. 1]: Ignacy Friedman (composer)

Lolly-Too-Dum: Nelson Keyes (composer)

The Major Second: Wallingford Riegger (composer)

Mâruntelul (Lively Dance): Béla Bartók (composer)

Medley (Campfire on the Ice): Ross Lee Finney (composer)

Minstrels [L. 117:12]: Claude Debussy (composer)

Mouvements Perpétuels (Perpetual Movements): Francis Poulenc (composer)

The New Puppet - Shimmy: Bohuslav Martinu (composer)

Night Song: Carlisle Floyd (composer)

O Polichinelo (The Punch Doll): Heitor Villa-Lobos (composer)

Pe Loc (On the Spot): Béla Bartók (composer)

Pesante: Igor Stravinsky (composer)

Poargâ Româneascâ (Romanian Polka): Béla Bartók (composer)

Prélude: Maurice Ravel (composer)

Prelude in B Minor [Op. 1, No. 1]: Karol Szymanowski (composer)

Prelude in C Major ("Harp") [Op. 12, No. 7]: Sergei Prokofiev (composer)

Reel - Homage to Henry Cowell: Lou Harrison (composer)

Ritual Fire Dance: Manuel De Falla (composer)

Rondo on Argentine Children's Folk Tunes: Alberto Ginastera (composer)

Sad Moment: Vladimir Rebikov (composer)

Sam Byers: With Joy: Virgil Thomson (composer)

Sentimental Melody: Aaron Copland (composer)

Serenade: Emma Lou Diemer (composer)

Shenandoah: Nelson Keyes (composer)

The Shy Doll - Chanson: Bohuslav Martinu (composer)

Siciliana: Igor Stravinsky (composer)

Six Little Piano Pieces Nos. 2 and 6 [Op. 19]: Arnold Schoenberg (composer)

Sonatine Bureacratique (Bureaucratic Sonatina): Erik Satie (composer)

Sorocaba [Op. 67, No. 1]: Darius Milhaud (composer)

The Sussez Mummer's Christmas Carol: Percy Grainger (composer)

Tango [Op. 8, No. 2]: Joaquín Turina (composer)

Ten Bagatelles, Nos. 1 and 9 [Op. 5]: Alexander Tchérépnin (composer)

The Tides of Manaunaun: Henry Cowell (composer)

The Tritone: Wallingford Riegger (composer)

Variations on a Slovakian Folk Tune [Sz. 42:II/5]: Béla Bartók (composer)

Visions Fugitives (Fleeting Visions) Nos. 1 and 5 [Op. 22]: Sergei Prokofiev (composer)

Waltz: Carlisle Floyd (composer)

The White Peacock [Op. 7, No. 1]: Charles Griffes (composer)

Young People's Dance - for the Black Keys: Zoltán Kodály (composer)

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