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Anthology of Classical Piano Music with DVD

The Anthology of Classical Piano Music is paired with the Performance Practices in Classical Piano Music DVD for a comprehensive look at the literature, performing conventions and musical style of the Classical era. On the DVD, Dr. Hinson performs music from the Anthology, and discusses musical characteristics, period instruments, and performance conventions not indicated in the manuscripts.


Adagio in B Minor [K. 540]: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Bagatelle in C Major [Op. 119, No. 8]: Ludwig van Beethoven

Bagatelle in D Major [Op. 119, No. 3]: Ludwig van Beethoven

Bagatelle in F Major [Op. 33, No. 3]: Ludwig van Beethoven

Bagatelle in G Major [Op. 126, No. 1]: Ludwig van Beethoven

Country Dance in C Major [WoO 14, No. 1]: Ludwig van Beethoven

Country Dance in E-Flat Major [WoO 14, No. 7]: Ludwig van Beethoven

Divertimento No. 6 in C Major: Josef Myslivecek

Etude No. 5 in B-Flat Major [Op. 49, No. 5]: Johann Wilhelm Hässler

Etude No. 6 in B-Flat Minor [Op. 49, No. 6]: Johann Wilhelm Hässler

Fantasy in D Minor [K. 397]: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Five Écossaises: Franz Schubert

Für Elise [WoO 59]: Ludwig van Beethoven

German Dance in C Major [D. 41, No. 20]: Franz Schubert

Gigue in D Major: Johann Nepomuk Hummel

Hungarian Melody [D. 817]: Franz Schubert

Impromptu in A-Flat Major [Op. 142, No. 2; D.935 9]: Franz Schubert

Klavierstück in F Major [K. 33b]: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

March in B Minor: Franz Schubert

Mark My Alford: James Hewitt

Menuet in C Major [Op. 42, No. 3]: Johann Nepomuk Hummel (composer) Menuettino Franz Anton Hoffmeister

Minuet in C Major: Ignaz Joseph Pleyel

Moment Musicaux in A-Flat Major [Op. 94, No. 6; D. 780,: Franz Schubert

Moment Musicaux in F Minor [Op. 94, No. 3; D. 780, No. 3]: Franz Schubert

Polonaise in C Major: Johann Michael Haydn

Polonaise in F Major [Op. 16, No. 6]: Jan Ladislav Dussek

Prelude in A Major: Samuel Wesley

Prelude in C Major: Johann Friedrich Reichardt

Preludio alla Haydn [Op. 19, No. 2]: Muzio Clementi

Rondo in G Major: Ignaz Joseph Pleyel

Rondo in G Major: Raynor Taylor

Scherzo in F Major [Hob. XVI:9]: Franz Joseph Haydn

Six Easy Variations on an Original Theme [WoO 77]: Ludwig van Beethoven

Six Écossaises [WoO 83]: Ludwig van Beethoven

Six Variations [Op. 42, No. 1]: Friedrich Kuhlau

Sonata in A Minor [K. 310]: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Sonata in B-Flat Major: Domenico Cimarosa

Sonata in B-Flat Major [Op. 5, No. 2]: Samuel Wesley

Sonata in E Major [Hob. XVI:13]: Franz Joseph Haydn

Sonata in E Minor [Hob. XVI:34]: Franz Joseph Haydn

Sonata in F Major: Rafael Anglés

Sonata in G Minor [Op. 49, No. 1]: Ludwig van Beethoven

Sonatina in D Major: Georg Anton Benda

Sonatina in F Major: Daniel Gottlob Türk

Sonatina in G Major [Op. 36, No. 5]: Muzio Clementi

Steer Her Up and Had Her Gawn: Alexander Reinagle

Theme with Variations: Johann Michael Haydn

Three Dances: Elisabetta De Gambarini

Three Écossaises: Carl Maria Von Weber

Three English Dances: Karl Ditters Von Dittersdorf

Toccata in D Minor: Christian Gottlob Neefe

Trifle [Op. 58, No. 12]: Ferdinand Ries

Two Contradanses in G Major [K. 269b, Nos. 1 and 2]: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Two Ländler [D. 366, Nos. 3 and 4]: Franz Schubert

Two Scottish Dances: Johann Wilhelm Hässler

Waltz in F Major [Op. 39, No. 4]: Muzio Clementi

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