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Ragtime Classics

This comprehensive collection of 41 rags by 20 different ragtime masters is conveniently presented in one volume. It includes works by some of the most celebrated rag composers, including Scott Joplin, W.C. Handy and Eubie Blake, as well as classic rags by Debussy and Satie. The works are presented in their original form, and the editor has indicated fingering and pedaling relevant to the style.


A Breeze from Alabama -- March and Two Step Scott Joplin

Alexander's Ragtime Band Irving Berlin

At a Georgia Camp Meeting -- March Kerry Mills

Bethena -- A Concert Waltz Scott Joplin

Cleopha -- March and Two Step Scott Joplin

Dill Pickles Rag -- A Ragtime Two Step Charles L. Johnson

Dusty Rag May Frances Aufderheide

Elite Syncopations Scott Joplin

Golliwogg's Cakewalk Claude Debussy

Grace and Beauty -- A Classy Rag James Sylvester Scott

Harlem Rag Thomas M. J. Turpin

Heliotrope Bouquet -- A Slow Drag Two Step Scott Joplin

Hossier Rag -- March Two Step Julia Lee Niebergall

Le Petit Nègre -- Cakewalk Claude Debussy

Le Piccadilly -- Marche Erik Satie

Maple Leaf Rag Scott Joplin

Original Rags Scott Joplin

Peacherine Rag Scott Joplin

Peaches and Cream -- A Delectable Rag Percy Wenrich

Pickles and Peppers Adaline Shepherd

Pork and Beans -- One Step-Two Step or Turkey Trot Charles Luckeyth (Lucky) Roberts

Ragtime Nightingale Joseph Francis Lamb

Red Pepper Rag Thomas Henry Lodge

Sensation -- a Rag Joseph Francis Lamb

Smoky Mokes -- Cakewalk and Two Step Abraham (Abe) Holzmann

Solace -- A Mexican Serenade Scott Joplin

St. Louis Blues W. C. Handy

Sunflower Slow Drag -- A Ragtime Two Step Scott Joplin

Swipesy -- Cakewalk Scott Joplin

The Cascades -- A Rag Scott Joplin

The Chevy Chase James Hubert "Eubie" Blake

The Chrysanthemum -- An African-American Intermezzo Scott Joplin

The Easy Winners -- A Ragtime Two Step Scott Joplin

The Entertainer -- A Ragtime Two Step Scott Joplin

The Lion Tamer Rag -- A Syncopated Fantasia Mark Janza

The Memphis Blues W. C. Handy

The Ragtime Dance -- A Stop-Time Two Step Scott Joplin

The St. Louis Rag Thomas M. J. Turpin

The Strenuous Life -- A Ragtime Two Step Scott Joplin

Twelfth Street Rag Euday Louis Bowman

Weeping Willow -- A Ragtime Two Step Scott Joplin

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