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Starer, Robert - Album for Piano

Now back in print, this definitive 240-page collection of the complete piano works of noted composer Robert Starer includes not only his popular 'Sketches in Color' but also a large number of previously hard-to-find intermediate pieces perfect for teaching. In typical Starer style, the pieces in the collections Steven Vignettes (1950), Four Seasonal Pieces (1985), Three Israeli Sketches (1957), At Home Alone (1980), and Hexhedron (1971) bear imaginative titles such as 'The Camel and the Moon,' 'Dancing Next Door,' and 'Doggedly, Lulishly, Almost Pig-Headedly,' a literary connection that encourages students to connect emotions to notes. The collection ranges from Starer's elementary works to his concert works.


  • Abe Gabe Ada Fae & Ed (Starer)
  • Adding And Taking Away (Starer)
  • Aluminum
  • Aquamarine
  • As The Gentle Wind (Starer)
  • Black And White
  • Bright Orange
  • Camel And The Moon, The(Starer)
  • Chorale (Starer)
  • Chrome Yellow
  • Coolly But Not Chillily(Starer)
  • Countdown
  • Crimson
  • Dance (Starer)
  • Dancing Next Door
  • Darkness And Light (Starer)
  • Deep Down The Soul
  • Dialogue With The Self
  • Doggedly Mulishly Almost (Starer
  • Dreams Of Glory (Starer)
  • Echo Chamber (Starer)
  • Evanescents (1975)(Starer)
  • Evens And Odds
  • Excursions For A Pianist
  • A Faded Old Photograph
  • Fanfare (Starer)
  • Five Preludes (Starer)
  • Frantically (Starer)
  • Grey
  • Gurglingly (Starer)
  • Herman The Brown Mouse
  • Ideal Self, The(Fantasy)(Starer)
  • In The Birdcage
  • In The Mirror (Starer)
  • Interrupted Waltz (Starer)
  • Jig Saw (Starer)
  • Khaki
  • Leaves Are Falling (Starer)
  • Little White Sheep (Starer)
  • Maroon
  • Moon On The Frozen Pond, The
  • Musingly (Starer)
  • Opening Petals (Starer)
  • Orange Sun (Starer)
  • Pastorale (Starer)
  • Pepper And Salt
  • Philosophically (Starer)
  • Pink
  • Pop-Time
  • Prelude (1946)(Starer)
  • Purple (Starer)
  • Shades Of Blue (Starer)
  • Shadows On The Wall
  • Silver And Gold
  • Sliding Into Keys
  • A Small Oriental Vase (Starer)
  • Sonata No. 1 (1950)(Starer)
  • Sonata No. 2
  • Song Without Words (Starer)
  • Steps To The Attic (Starer)
  • Toccata (1946)(Starer)
  • Toccata (Starer)
  • Turn Me Round (Starer)
  • Twelve Notes, Twelve Times
  • Up & Down, Right & Left(Starer)
  • Walking With Two Fingers(Starer)

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