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Essential Keyboard Repertoire, Vol. 1

100 Early Intermediate Selections in Their Original Form - Baroque to Modern
Editor: Lynn Freeman Olson

This exciting edition contains 100 early intermediate selections in their original form, spanning the Baroque period to present day. The repertoire, which includes several minuets, folk dances, character pieces and much more, has been carefully graded and selected for student appeal by editor Lynn Freeman Olson. The comb binding creates a lay-flat book that is perfect for study and performance.

  • A Little Flower [Op. 205, No. 11] Cornelius Gurlitt (composer)
  • Adagio Daniel Steibelt (contributor)
  • Allegro [K. 3] Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (composer)
  • Allemande Carl Czerny (composer)
  • Arabesque [Op. 100, No. 2] Johann Freidrich Burgmüller (composer)
  • Arioso Daniel Gottlob Türk (composer)
  • Autumn Samuel Maykapar (composer)
  • Badinage [Op. 197] Cornelius Gurlitt (composer)
  • Bourlesq Leopold Mozart (composer)
  • Bourrée George Frederic Handel (composer)
  • Brief Story [Op. 39, No. 22] Dmitri Kabalevsky (composer)
  • Clowns [Op. 39, No. 20] Dmitri Kabalevsky (composer)
  • Dance Christian Gottlob Neefe (composer)
  • Écossaise Ludwig van Beethoven (composer)
  • Écossaise Franz Schubert (composer)
  • Écossiase Franz Schubert (composer)
  • Entrée Ignaz Joseph Pleyel (composer)
  • Etude Cornelius Gurlitt (composer)
  • Etude [Op. 17, No. 6] Félix Le Couppey (composer)
  • Etude [Op. 176, No. 24] Jean Baptiste Duvernoy (composer)
  • Etude [Op. 24, No. 8] Guiseppe Concone (composer)
  • Fanfare Minuet William Duncombe (composer)
  • Fantasia Georg Philipp Telemann (composer)
  • Fantasia Georg Philipp Telemann (composer)
  • Folk Dance Béla Bartók (composer)
  • Folk Dance [Op. 39, No. 17] Dmitri Kabalevsky (composer)
  • German Dance Ludwig van Beethoven (composer)
  • German Dance Ludwig van Beethoven (composer)
  • German Dance Ludwig van Beethoven (composer)
  • German Dance Franz Joseph Haydn (composer)
  • German Dance Franz Joseph Haydn (composer)
  • German Dance Franz Joseph Haydn (composer)
  • German Dance Franz Joseph Haydn (composer)
  • German Dance Ludwig van Beethoven (composer)
  • Gypsy Dance Franz Joseph Haydn (composer)
  • Hungarian Folk Song Béla Bartók (composer)
  • Hunting Music [Op. 210, No. 5] Cornelius Gurlitt (composer)
  • In Church Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky (composer)
  • Jumping [Op. 39, No. 15] Dmitri Kabalevsky (composer)
  • Little Fable [Op. 27, No. 9] Dmitri Kabalevsky (composer)
  • Little Song [Op. 27, No. 2] Dmitri Kabalevsky (composer)
  • March Dmitri Shostakovich (composer)
  • Marche Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach (composer)
  • Melody [Op. 68, No. 1] Robert Schumann (composer)
  • Menuet Anonymous (source)
  • Menuet Anonymous (source)
  • Menuet Georg Christoph Wagenseil (composer)
  • Menuet Christian Petzold (composer)
  • Menuet Christian Petzold (composer)
  • Menuet Jean-Baptiste Lully (composer)
  • Menuet en Rondeau Jean-Philippe Rameau (composer)
  • Minuet James Hook (composer)
  • Minuet Carlos De Seixas (contributor)
  • Minuet Georg Philipp Telemann (composer)
  • Minuet Johann Sebastian Bach (composer)
  • Minuet Leopold Mozart (composer)
  • Minuet Wilhelm Friedemann Bach (composer)
  • Minuet Béla Bartók (composer)
  • Minuet Leopold Mozart (composer)
  • Minuet Johann Krieger (composer)
  • Minuet Leopold Mozart (composer)
  • Minuet [K. 2] Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (composer)
  • Minuet [K. 6] Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (composer)
  • Minuet and Trio [K. 1] Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (composer)
  • Minuetto Johann Christian Bach (composer); Francesco Pasquale Ricci (composer)
  • Morning Greeting [Op. 130, No. 1] Cornelius Gurlitt (composer)
  • Musette Félix Le Couppey (composer)
  • Musette Anonymous (source)
  • Never a Dull Moment Daniel Gottlob Türk (composer)
  • Nostalgic Song [Op. 98] Alexander Gretchaninov (composer)
  • Passepied George Frederic Handel (composer)
  • Play Song Béla Bartók (composer)
  • Playing Soldiers [Op. 31, No. 4] Vladimir Rebikov (composer)
  • Polonaise Anonymous (source)
  • Prayer Cornelius Gurlitt (composer)
  • Risoluto Johann Christian Bach (composer); Francesco Pasquale Ricci (composer)
  • Rondino Daniel Gottlob Türk (composer)
  • Russian Folk Song Ludwig van Beethoven (composer)
  • Russian Folk Song Ludwig van Beethoven (composer)
  • Scherzando Johann Friedrich Reichardt (composer)
  • Scherzino Samuel Maykapar (composer)
  • Scherzo Cornelius Gurlitt (composer)
  • Scherzo [Op. 39, No. 12] Dmitri Kabalevsky (composer)
  • Soldier's March [Op. 68, No. 2] Robert Schumann (composer)
  • Soldier's Song Louis Köhler (composer)
  • Sonatina William Duncombe (composer)
  • Song Béla Bartók (composer)
  • Song Béla Bartók (composer)
  • Tale Samuel Maykapar (composer)
  • The Bear Vladimir Rebikov (composer)
  • The Clown Vladimir Rebikov (composer)
  • The Fifers Jean-François Dandrieu (composer)
  • The Hunting Horns and the Echo Daniel Gottlob Türk (composer)
  • The Little Prankster [Op. 117, No. 18] Cornelius Gurlitt (composer)
  • The Little Trifle François Couperin (composer)
  • Toccatina [Op. 27, No. 12] Dmitri Kabalevsky (composer)
  • Valse Muzio Clementi (composer)
  • Variations on a Russian Folk Song [Op. 51, No. 1] Dmitri Kabalevsky (composer)
  • Waltz [Op. 39, No. 13] Dmitri Kabalevsky (composer)
  • Wild Rider Robert Schumann (composer)

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