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SKU: EA-Quilter Bass Block 800
Weight: 1.00 lbs
Price: $ 599.00
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Quilter Bass Block 800, Bass Amp


Not to ignore the thunder from down under, the Bass Block 800 is one of our fastest selling heads! Designed from the ground up to be a truly musical product, the Bass Block delivers in ways other technologies simply can't. You won't believe your ears, and your pocketbook won't believe the low price!


Built from the Ground up:

Built specifically for the bass guitar, the Bass Block 800 represents the culmination of years of research and development. Unlike many of today's compact bass amps, the Bass Block 800 is not simply an existing consumer-grade power module married to a pre-amp, but a comprehensive power system that responds dynamically and musically to the player’s instrument and touch.



Ultra-Light, Ultra-Strong:

The Bass Block is so light you might forget you are carrying it to the gig! Using an ultralight aluminum chassis, internal fan-cooled heat sink, and ferreting out every ounce possible, the Bass Block manages to pack 800 watts into a sturdy and insanely lightweight 4-lb package.



Real world power at any voltage:

Using high power technology developed for world-class pro audio touring, the Bass Block 800 delivers effortless reserves of power to maintain tight control of the speaker without clipping or bottoming out. The universal-voltage power supply delivers smooth and powerful response regardless of “club voltage” surges. The amp works on any voltage, anywhere. Plug it in, turn it up, enjoy the effortless beauty of the tone!


The most "musical" bass head ever?

Pat Quilter’s first amp was built in 1967 for his brother’s bass player, and great bass tone remains a key passion. The modern bass is a full-range instrument, with much different dynamic requirements than electric guitar. Low frequencies require more horsepower to move air, and the instrument demands percussive response without bottoming out or obtrusive limiting. The Bass Block provides 800 “real watts” to build on, and the preamp is optimized to make the best use of that power, providing more effective headroom with less stress on the speakers. Unique bass-specific EQ controls allow the bassist to quickly dial in a wide range of tones to match any instrument, and a special 2-stage limiter prevents bottoming out without suppressing dynamic response and feel. A Master control allows the peak power point to be adjusted to safely power any size of speaker, from giant stacks down to compact studio units. A prolonged field testing program has confirmed that every component in the Bass Block 800 is focused on creating the ultimate musical instrument for bass players. You will feel it every moment of every gig. Effortless, powerful, and exacting tone at your fingertips. The ultimate tool in your arsenal.




  • Includes Deluxe carrying case!

    Power Output:

    225 watts-16 Ohms, 450 watts-8 ohms, 800-watts, 4 ohms (2 Ohm use possible, but may experience clipping at high volume.)

    AC Power Req.:
    100–240Vac, 50–60 Hz, 250 W typical, 1000W peak.

    Signal Connections:PASSIVE INPUT: ¼" mono (full gain), 2 meg
    ACTIVE INPUT: ¼" mono (-10dB gain), 30K
    LINE INPUT: XLR 10K balanced, 1V full scale.
    LINE OUTPUT: XLR, quasi-balanced, 400 ohms, 1V full scale

    Controls:GAIN CONTROL MUTE BUTTON (with red warning LED)
    DEPTH CONTROL (100Hz Hi-Q bass control)
    CONTOUR CONTROL (Low-mid scoop, flat, treble cut)
    MASTER CONTROL (adjusts peak power from 0 to 800W)
    PILOT LIGHT (“winks” if the amplifier is driven into thermal limiting)

    Speaker Connections:
    4-8 ohms, 90V, 25A peak
    Dual ¼” jacks, 8 ohms each
    Speakon (2 wire) 4-8 ohms.

    Headphone Out:
    3.5mm mini-jack, 20 ohms per side, 2V peak.

    Dimensions: H x W x D 8.5”(218mm) x 7.5” (190mm) x 3” (76mm)

    3.7 lbs (2kg)

    UL recognized, tested to conform to FCC/CE limits for Class B devices.









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