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Recording, sequencing, sampling

A very basic primer for beginners. It talks about the the three first words we learn as baby electronic musicians:
recording, sequencing and sampling. Read this if you're still not too clear about these concepts, we know you're out there.


Audio connectors, analog to digital

A Beginner's Graphical explanation of different types of audio and digital connectors. Also, talks about line Levels and mic levels.


Basic Signal flow and gain structure.

Without sientific terms, get a grip on this crucial notion of the plumbing behind the mix.


Midi simplified

In French, Midi means noon, lets grab a bagette a saucisson , a bottle of "gros rouge" and read on.....


Dynamic range and sample rate explained

What does numbers like 16-Bit/44.1-kHZ or 24-bit / 96-kHz etc... mean?
If you are still not completely sure read this short article



Balanced vs Unbalanced Audio Signal

For those who are no clear of why Balanced signal is better sound






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