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Understanding Taylor Guitars Model Numbers



For 2013, the majority of Taylor’s acoustic guitars are offered in three model variations:
• Cutaway body with onboard electronics (e.g., 814ce)
• Non-cutaway body with onboard electronics (e.g., 814e)
• Non-cutaway body with no onboard electronics (e.g., 814)
Most models are organized by series, featuring the 100 through 900 Series along with our Presentation
(PS) and Koa (K) Series.


Here’s how our numbering system works:

8 - The first digit (or letter) identifies the Series. 
All guitar models within each series share the same back and side woods and appointment package.


1 - The second digit typically indicates whether the guitar is a 6-string (1) or a 12-string (5).
For example, a 12-string Grand Symphony in the 800 Series would be a 856ce.
The second digit can also identify a model that features a hardwood top (2).
For example, within the Taylor Koa (K) Series, the K22ce is a six-string Grand Concert with a koa top.
A 12-string with the same top as the back and sides is designated with 6 instead of 5.
(A 12-string koa/spruce GS would be a K56ce; with a koa top it becomes a K66ce.) 

4 - The third digit identifies the body shape according to the following numbering system:

0 = Dreadnought (e.g., 810ce)
2 = Grand Concert (e.g., 812ce)
4 = Grand Auditorium (e.g., 814ce)
6 = Grand Symphony (e.g., 816ce)
8 = Grand Orchestra (e.g., 818e)

C – Indicates a model with a cutaway

E – Indicates a model with onboard electronics


Taylor nylon-string models are integrated into the 200-900 Series and are designated by the letter
“N” at the end of the model name. For example, a nylon-string Grand Auditorium with a cutaway and
electronics within the 800 Series is a 814ce-N.



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