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Taylor guitar body shapes reference

Grand Concert:

Body Length 19-1/2”  Body Width 15”  Body Depth 4-3/8”
Clarity and balance reign in this small, comfortable body shape that is ideally suited for fingerstyle.

  • The smaller body and tapered waist make it the ultimate studio and stage guitar
  • Features a short scale and lighter string tension making it easier to play

Grand Auditorium:

Body Length 20”  Body Width 16”  Body Depth 4-5/8”
Taylors signature shape is versatile and equally suited for both fingerpicking and strumming.

  • An original Bob Taylor design introduced in 1994
  • Full in the lower register, present in the midrange, and sparkling on the treble strings
  • Taylors most popular shape and a good place to begin your search

Grand Symphony:

Body Length 20”  Body Width 16-1/4”  Body Depth 4-5/8”
Rich and robust, this strong strummer yields lots of volume and dynamic range.

  • Designed by Bob Taylor in 2006
  • Rich, piano-like bass, strong midrange and thick trebles
  • Strong volume when strumming or flatpicking, and responsive clarity with a light attack.

Grand Orchestra:

  Body Length 20-5/8”  Body Width 16-3/4”  Body Depth 5”
Taylor’s biggest body shape is very responsive blending power, detail and balance across the tonal spectrum

  • Taylor’s most powerful, complex voice
  • Incredibly balanced for a big-bodied guitar
  • Specially braced to be responsive to a dynamic attack


Body Length 20”  Body Width 16”  Body Depth 4-5/8”
Refined for the modern era, Taylor’s dreadnought captures the potent tone that flatpickers and strummers love.

  • Designed for hard picking attack
  • Deep low end with driving rhythms
  • Maintains overall tonal balance keeping the low end from getting “muddy”


Body Length 17-5/8”  Body Width 14-3/8”  Body Depth 4-7/16”
Inspired by the big, bold sound of the Taylor GS body shape, the GS Mini is small without skimping on sound. 

  • Scaled-down Grand Symphony body
  • Great for all playing styles
  • Considered a modern-day parlor guitar


Body Length 15-3/4”  Body Width 12-1/2”  Body Depth 3-3/8”
This ¾ size Dreadnought is a versatile, small bodied guitar that has a surprising amount of tone.

  • ¾-size Dreadnought
  • Arched back for added strength
Great for travel, alternative tunings and kids

Big Baby:

Body Length 19-1/2”  Body Width 15”  Body Depth 4”
The biggest of Taylors small bodies has big Dreadnought tone and volume in a portable package.

  • 15/16-size Dreadnought
  • Arched back for added strength
  • Great for all playing styles



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