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Well, after bemoaning the Berkeley Unified School District & moving to PDX (for a variety of reasons), who knew the local school did not teach band?? WTF?! Anyway, having 2 sons play music & wanting them to continue, I am forced to actually pay for private lessons & rent instruments. It's all for the greater good, but somehow I figured this wouldn't be an issue in Portland. Nevertheless, I was advised to check out Portland Music Company in order to rent a trumpet (this is particularly painful in the early learning phase) as well as a clarinet.

Suzanne F.

Portland, OR


Despite a somewhat lengthy wait while my paperwork was being cleared, we had a great experience here. We had our choice of renting either new or used (tho' the used is completely renovated & good to go). Very helpful & knowledgeable staff, air-conditioned (which today made a huge difference), and overall terrific experience. I will be back to rent a clarinet or alto sax depending on what sort of teacher I can locate for our other son who wants to change instruments. It's a great time to take care of this since once school begins things get a little chaotic & you will have less choice. I like doing business with this company. Now I just have to invest in some sound-proofing while the trumpet lessons & practice commence...


Love these guys.  I have bought the majority of my gear at PMC since being introduced to them nearly 10 years ago.  I appreciate the non-pushy sales folks who let you browse the store without hassle -- and when you do need something they are right there to help!  This is a great local shop.  They support the local music community in many ways.  They always seem to be able to point me in the direction I am looking to go without being pushy about it.

Ian M.

Portland, OR



I brought my first guitar at Portland Music Co. a few years back. The guys who worked there are literally musical gurus. They were super-friendly and they really knew their instruments and could get you paired up with your soulmate-guitar! I got a Fender Telecaster (American Standard), and the saleman was really helpful and was really patient with me. Dude, I spent almost two hours in there. He got me to try out a few models before I settled on my Telecaster, although, he had really encouraged me to buy the american vintage reissure, which was marked down from its retail price at the time. It would have been sweet, but it didn't work out, it was out of my price range. So, I brought home my love, the American standard. There were no regrets, the guitar was perfect and still is perfect, the store had an awesome collection to choose from, and additionally, the guys were gracious and helpful. Think of this place when you need to fulfill your guitar needs.


Charlie S.

Portland, OR



As a professional musician on the road I get to stop at many music stores when I'm on tour. Portland Music is probably one of the best music stores in the country as far as service and knowledge. They were not a dealer for what I needed but I ended up chatting for a while with those guys who made me feel home, Unlike some chain stores, these guys know what they're talking about. See you soon when I come back in town. Thanks

Frank L.

Yorkville, NY


I found this store looking on yelp and I honestly have to say that I can't believe the reviews I read were about this store.  I am new to town and wanted to check out some acoustic guitars.  Being a girl, I never know what kind of attitude I'm going to get from the sales guys in a music store.  So often they treat me like I don't have a brain in my head.  This store was awesome.  I was immediately greeted by a friendly guy named Eric who was standing behind the counter ringing up some strings for someone.  I told him I was looking for acoustic guitars but they didn't have much of a selection in acoustics at this location.  He went on to tell me that Portland Music Co. has a store that specializes in acoustic guitars and printed off a map for me with directions on how to get there.   He then handed me a postcard inviting me to a Taylor Roadshow that is coming up, which I thought was also very cool.   I will definitely go back if I ever decide to start playing the electric guitar.

Clarissa F.

Portland, OR




Looking for a keyboard for my daughter for Xmas and a friend recommended Portland Music. It's intimidating going into a big music store when you're not a musician. They made me feel comfortable, in a nice, low pressure environment. They have an extensive selection and the salesman, named Eric,  was very pofessional and helpful. They had what I needed and even loaded it into the car for me! I highly recommend the store and WILL be going back.

Laurie H.

Portland, OR



I have purchased several thousand dollars worth of equipment at Portland Music Company over the years for two nonprofit music schools that I work / worked for (Ethos Music Center and the Youth Music Project).  I have always found them to be very helpful and interested in getting us the best prices on equipment.  I also like that they are a locally owned business.  I'm looking forward to making more purchases with them in the future.


Charles L.

West Linn, OR



I love Music, and I love playing different instruments, so this is a great place to go! And I've had great experiences here.

6 years ago I bought my own Fender Bass and amp here. The sales person was super friendly and wanted to help me get the right Bass. He gave me everything I would need for my Bass and more! They truly want to help people get the perfect instrument and accessories. Everyone is knowledgeable and very helpful

Whenever I get another instrument I will be coming here to get it. I love it here.

Keysa L.

Portland, OR



I want to thank you all for a really wonderful night last night. Of course I am well-pleased that I won the guitar!!!!! That is so awesome! But I also wanted to tell you that you have created a really sweet event! The ambiance you set was great, the food made it really nice and the caliber of the music was high! Very nice MCing also.
Please thank Eastman Guitars and all of the other sponsors for me.

Hale lupe


Hi, I am just writing to commend one of your staff, Patrick (at the MLK store), who went above and beyond this afternoon as he helped me decide on a digital piano to buy (very happy with it so far), delivered it to my place on the same afternoon (for free), and installed the stand for me (a huge help). He was friendly without being pushy, patient, and really went the extra mile in providing excellent customer service. You have great people there and I would definitely recommend PMC to others. Thank you and keep up the good work!


Hi Eric and Portland Music Company staff,
I wanted to thank you for the $500 gift certificate.  I promptly stopped by the Broadway store and tried out mandolins.  I had been wanting to get one but it took winning the gift certificate to get me there.  I tried out Rover, Michael Kelly and Eastman mandolins and ended up getting the Michael Kelly.  I have been working on chords and licks ever since.  Tres was very helpful.  
Thanks again and happy holidays,
Mike Viles


Hello and thanks to the team working the MLK store this past weekend-
I came in all 3 days (Friday to buy strings and learn of your free D’ Addario re-string ). I of course came in Saturday for that very nice offer at which time I bought even more strings ( 3 packs for the price of 2 !! )……and still hadn’t had quite enough of your fine store. I had to come in Sunday to take advantage of the Washburn Blues Overdrive pedal you were blowing out for under $20 .
I want to thank Doug for catching my whammy bar mix up at the front counter also…. I couldn’t have really used the left handed bar I very nearly bought !
Just wanted to let you know I have been shopping  there for years and plan to continue to do so for many more years to come both for me and my family’s musical needs. The staff is always very helpful and knowledgeable.
Peter J Cornett


Just a note to let you know how pleased I am with your internet
ordering. I ordered a Zoom H2 Sunday afternoon and received it this
morning. The product is as described and I look forward to Summer when
I can use it to record music at various old-time music festivals I plan
on attending. Anyway, thanks again for the prompt shipment.

Richard Parker


My new Zoom H2 is fabulous! It was ridiculously easy to set up and start
recording acoustic guitar right out of the box. My recordings sound
FANTASTIC... very natural and lifelike with oodles of fidelity! I
couldn't be happier! Thanks for a great product (not to mention the
ultra-fast order processing and shipment). It has been a real pleasure
doing business with Portland Music!

Best regards,
Bill Simpson


I have been purchasing with your compamy for 2.5 years now, and I have been very satisfied with my purchases and excited about your music book selections!  Thank you for maintaining a great company!

Brenda Brown
Buckeye, Arizona


Fantastic online shopping experience.  Great & courteous communication, great website, fast shipping.  Keep up the good work!

Michael W ,WA


Thanks A TON.
"matt" in the guitar section was awesome
and got me taken care of in seconds.
all of the other online stores have the RC-2 on backorder... not the
case for Portland Music Co. !!!

ryan andrew clock, VA


Hey guys, it's a little after the fact but I'd like to give Patrick kudos for his good work getting me hooked up with my new Behringer PMH5000 powered board. He was most helpful in my purchase and answered all my questions about the board with expertise. I really appreciate his help and knowledge.
My band, Jumbo Frank, and I used it for my 60th birthday party at Nicks Tavern in Amboy, WA and had no problems except the recording we tried to make through the board (which we think we resolved after the fact but we will try again next gig). It was my 60th birthday present from my wonderful wife of 6yrs. and I'm still kissin' her ass for that and everything went smoothly.
Anyway, Patrick was most helpful in my purchase and a really cool guy to boot so I thought I'd let you know how much he was appreciated. Hey, give the guy a raise! You, Ptld. Music has been my store of choice for gear for years (before you moved to MLK) and will still be my #1 choice in the future. When I need something else (don't we need everything musical anyway?) you will still be first on my list,. Really big attaboy to Patrick for his great help.

Thank You Heaps, Tom Hardt
Ridgefield, WA


I really appreciate Portland Music Co. As a private piano (also guitar, violin, voice) teacher with over 60 students, I make frequent phone orders and occasional visits to their Beaverton sheet music department. If certain books are not in stock, they are ordered and recieved promptly. The staff is very friendly, not only in the sheet music area, but also on the main floor in the instrument/equipment department. I have shopped with them for several years now, and would highly reccomend Portland Music Co. So, thanks so much for the great service!

Stephanie Davidson
St. Helens


What a wonderful find! I thought that I had exhausted my search for guitars! Now I konw ya'll were just waiting to be discovered! Thanks!!!!!!!!

D. Leigh Holst
Crescent City


Hey all! I've gone to the guys at PMC on the eastside for years! No one has treated me better in the music business or helped work out last minute gear problems.
Thanks everyone at Portland Music! Keep doing an awesome job!


Bought Rode Nt1a and Rode Nt3. Very good service and support. Keep up the good work.

Benison Zerrudo
San Diego


hey! portland music rocks. i got my guitar there. thanks to corey of coarse. i like to jam. thanks for the guitar.yeah. so you guys rock. see ya. ceci



Lets all agree to disagree that no one does it better than PMC. Two bases and a super smokin' 2x10 bass cab that make my world a better place. Where else can you find a crew so knowledgable? I tip my hat to you sailor.




Hey everyone. I've been going to Portland Music for all my musical needs for years now, and they've been doing a great job I love comming in and trying things out, and getting help when needed. As a young musician who takes an interest in all instruments, it's nice that the friendly staff is always there to answer my questions and get me a good deal! Thanks guys, you're doing a great job



I just wanted to say thank you to Stu at the Broadway store for taking the time to educate me. I went in without a clue and came out with the confidence that I too can learn the craft. It is truly rare to find someone selling what they love. Thank you!



My stack of receipts from Portland Music is about an inch thick, after many years of regular purchases. I visit all the music stores in town, but purchase here because the staff is so great. It's to the point now that if they don't carry it, I don't want it.

Portland, OR


I ordered a Bastien Piano Basics Primer A and received it within one week. I just wanted to thank you for getting it to me so quickly. My daughters were able to use it during their piano lesson. Thanks again, Aida Schnitzler (from a small area called Whetsone in the middle of nowhere in Southern Arizona)

Aida Schnitzler


Just bought a Fender Cyber Deluxe from Corey. Great product. Corey is a true professional, very knowledgable, extremely helpful, and a real pleasure to do business with. Looking forward to my next purchase. Thanks again!!!!

Michael Moore


Just a note to thank you for your excellent customer service, prompt reply to my questions, and quick shipment of product...at a great price, too. The THD Hotplate has arrived, and it is just the most amazingly wonderful and effective tool I have ever used to improve the tone of amplified electric guitar. I am one very happy customer.

Thanks again,

Glenn Pomianek


Absolutely one of the finest Music stores in the Northwest and i've been in all of them. Superior staff and managment and a long list of the industries best product lines keep up the fantastic work !

Vancouver WA


I wanted to send a special thanks to Christian Lindquist and Peter ?. My name is Todd Irving and I live in Eugene. I am program director of Mojam Park (seeattachment). We provide a music development program for young people between the ages of 13-20. A couple of weeks ago, just after purchasing equipment for our studio, we were broken into and it left the kids hanging for a place to record their music. In desperation, I appealed to my parents for a digital workstation to record music the kids have written. They live in Portland. I met Peter who was very helpful and informative about some studio items that we were in need of. I wasn't able to make a purchase then but I sent my mom in a couple of days later and he was very pleasant to her. Before I could make it into town Peter had taken off for lunch, but Christian stepped in and picked up with the same pleasant disposition. He was also very informative and compassionate towards what we are trying to accomplish in reaching out to youth in Lane County. To the both of them, I would like to say Thank You. Please pass the word and I pray that the staff at Portland Music has a very pleasant holiday season.
Sincerely, Todd S. Irving
Program Director - Mojam Park


delighted to see your webpage...remember very clearly as a kid coming into your store in the 60's, going upstairs and viewing all the new Vega banjos lined up in cases against the wall. dont suppose you have any hidden away in the back room??

Dan hausler


Hi Guys: You sure helped me out when I played a gig in Portland back in August. Forgot my pedal in NJ, you lent me one. Thanks again. See you soon. Peace always...Bernard Purdie

Bernard "Pretty" Purdie
Newark, NJ


First time buyer:These guys are fantastic. I am going to start my gear buying right here.

Stephen Ventura
Port Orchard WA


After six long years of waiting, finally a Portland Music website!! And it rocks! It's nice to be able to check out the prices of
gear without getting off my butt! Thanks!

Hillsboro, OR

It's good to be able to deal with a smaller more intimate company for my music products. When I try to go to Sam Ash or some other large music "warehouse" it's like either the staff is too cool and too busy to discuss the product specs with me or they have no idea what I'm talking about and try to gloss through the sale, like I didn't notice the confused look in their eyes. Portland Music to the rescue.

Matt Garfield
Bensalem, PA


I want to thank you for your excellent customer service. When I placed an order via your website and sent an email to your store. Not only did your employee email me back immediately but also called me to tell me that the items were in stock and would be sent out as soon as possible. This Christmas season I have ordered many items over the internet and have had a problem getting anyone to help me, but not with your store. Thank You Again, Charlotte Spencer

Charlotte Spencer


Worked with Randy (Bvtn store, now) in setting up my home recording studio. Directed me to the best gear at the best prices! Top notch service, seminars and store personality!

Dave Rawlings
Vancouver WA


I got my first electric guitar at Portland Music Company and have been playing ever since couldn't have done it without you Thanks

Evan Lovell
Portland Oregon


Hey guys, don't work in Portland anymore... I miss the store. My son used to go into your store and jam on the drums, picked up some good lessons too! Thanks guys, you really made it for him. Have you ever heard of posigrip guitar picks

la center,wa


Been searching for a good production program for my Mac think I found one ata very reasonable price. Thanks guys

Dennis J. Walsh
Philomath, OR


Let's face it. Who ya gonna call? Ghost-Busters? I don't think so. Your gonnacall Portland Music, Co. Why? Because they have the best selection and prices. -Diamond Dave

David Herdan
Portland, Oregon


Thank you PORTLAND MUSIC for the GARY HOEY session.It was informative and fun. Also a BIG THANKS to Cory for the invite.You guys rule!!

Scott Thomas


I've been teaching myself classical piano for the past few years and you guys have always been on the ball with the sheet music. Thanks alot!

Aaron Swiggart
Sandy, Oregon




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