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Jacob Mallonee wins a $100 Gift Card

Brian Hophins wins a $100 Gift Card

Elle Newcomer Wins the Eastman EC220 Guitar from the Acoustic open mic!

William Knockles Wins a $100 Gift Card

Alice Kendall Wins a $100 Gift Card

Johnny Walker

Johnny Walker Wins a $100 Gift Card

William Kendal wins a $100 Gift Card

Hale Lupe

Hale Lupe wins a Eastman AC-120

Franco Lara

Franco Lara wins a $100 Gift Card

Kurtic Lilly

Lucky winner of the Eastman AC 420 Guitar,

Kurtis Lilly

Lucky winner of the Steinberg CMC- PD
(right, unmamed)


The band 'Kimosabe' wins a $500 cash! at Portland Music Company

Darren West

Darren West (left) with the Love Loungers band wins a free Tascam Digital recorder.

Geoff Heaton

Geoff Heaton (left) is the lucky winner of the Joe Satriani guitar autographed by Joe Satriani

George Riddle

George Riddle (left) is the lucky winner of the Tama Snare autographed by Mike Portnoy

Chris Riddle

Chris Riddle (left) won this incredible Taylor presentation Series during our last Taylor road show. This was a national contest.

Phil Gregory

Phll Gregory (left) wins a Boss RC-30 Loop Station

Chris Shirkoff

Chris Shirkoff (left) wins the Eastman AC120 Acoustic guitar

Brendan Ingram

Brendan Ingram (right) wins a $300 gift certificate

Donna Baeekel

Donna Baeekel wins a $200 gift certificate

Brett Byrd

Brett Byrd (right) wins a free TAMA Snare drum autographed by Stewart Copeland

Josh Deitering

Josh Deitering (left) wins a free Ibanez guitar autographed by Paul Gilbert !

Mike Viles

Winner of the $500 shopping spree:
Mike Viles (right)

John Lacey

Winner of the Fender Tim Armstrong giveaway guitar: John Lacey (right)

Winner of the Digitech Vocalist 4 Giveaway :
Angela Rosemeyer (right)

Winner of the June Fender sale Giveaway :
Charlie Roddy (left) win a free Fender Strat.

Winner of the Rode NT2-a Mic Giveaway :
Darrick Eisenach (right) .

Winner#3 of the Zoom H2:
David Lamkins (left)

Winner of the Boss Micro-BR Giveaway :
Doug Isaacson (right)

Winner of the M-audio BX10:
Gaye Thomas (right)

Winner of the H4 Giveaway:
Greg Brower from Portland (right)

Winner of the Garrison AG 300 Guitar:
Jim Lennon (right)

Winner of the Fender SuprChamp XD Amp:
Kevin Holden (right)

Winner of The ibanez electric guitar signed by Dragon Force: Kyle Andrews (center)

Winner of Yamaha Audiogram 6:
Laura Fisher

Winner of the Ibanez Guitar Signed By Paul Gilbert: Lawrence Rice (right)

Mark Lewis (left) receive a free brand new American Fender Tele

Winner of the Tama Snare Signed By Mike Portnoy:Nate Potter (left)

Winner of Yamaha Audiogram 3:
Raquibo Esterly (Right)

Winner#2 of the Zoom H2:
Renne Masanque (left)

Winner#1 of the Zoom H2:
Ron Anderson (right)

Winner of the $500 shopping spree:
Shea Tanner (right)





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